Downton Remix

I would be the first to humbly admit that I am a genius. I have always suspected, but it has now been confirmed. Continual attempts to explain to people the intricacies of Downton Abbey as I force them to watch and then discuss it with me have left me incredibly frustrated. Despite my best efforts, this has been highly unsuccessful. People just don’t seem to care about the lives of 20th century England aristocracy like they used to.


However, while running to the tunes of my beloved Ja-Rule pandora station while thinking about how the new season of Downton starts on Sunday–but also how I mostly just wanted a burrito—the solution to all my problems hit me! The similarities between the featured songs and situations within the show are spot on. Just listen to the songs, and you will understand the show.


Matthew and Mary

Dilemma by Nelly


Mr. Bates and Anna

21 Questions by 50 Cent


Mr. Bates and his wife and Anna

Confessions Part II by Usher


Edith and every man

Everytime by Britney Spears


Edith in general

Any song by Alanis Morrisette


Sybil and Tom

1) Ignitiion—r kelly (get it? He’s the chauffeur)


2) I’ll be Missing You by Puff Daddy


Lord and Lady Grantham

Angel by Shaggy


Ethel and her baby and her later profession

Sweetest girl by Wyclef Jean


Barrow and Jimmy

Sexy Can I by Ray J


Sassy Cousin Violet

Roses by Outcast


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