Caesar salad: breakfast of champions

I regret to inform you all that the time in which I have outgrown everyone I currently know in terms of my fame and just general good looks has arrived. I now have three more videos of myself on the internet than some say maybe I should. Sorry for being famous.


Four score, and four years ago we made this little gem that I totally forgot about. My self esteem is directly correlated to this video, ah to be 18 again and still probably too old to be making videos like this.


A brief hiatus in from film due to oh, I don’t know a bout of SANITY was broken when the news first featured yours truly around xmas. I play the part of the incompetent waitress that I can neither confirm nor deny I am.

(at 1:18ish FYI)


now in addition to these two masterpieces (you are welcome, world) you can listen to me and some other people too (I guess) talk about things for an hour and half on this podcast .  SO MANY IMPORTANT THOUGHTS TO BE SAID AND I SAY THEM ALL. Topics are including but not limited to ICP, Ms. Doubtfire 2, and the true meaning of life and ultimate sources of happiness. (for realzies I’m just a guest haha)



 Happy Wednesday! Namaste, may the force be with you, amen.





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