What’s in my wallet, the Stockholm essentials

(in case you were wondering?)


Clockwise from top:

  1. Stockholm university card—This allows you to print, check out books, get into buildings, breathe, etc. Amount of time it took for me to acquire this: several weeks. I wasn’t registered in the system until the day I arrived, once I registered I had to order my card. This card could not be delivered until I had established a permanent address—which could only be done through the tax office when I received my person number. More bitching about the person number to come.
  2. SL metro card—You really, really need this. For real. It’s the transportation pass and is used for everything from ferries, commuter trains, the metro, busses, and above ground trains. Biking is cool and all, but I hate it and refuse to do it. Hitchhiking is somewhat frowned upon here, except by potential murderers who find it extremely convenient, so this card is the most important thing ever. Number of times I have lost it: 2. Dudes, I know I’m an idiot. Luckily I had spares. Pro tip! REGISTER YOUR SL CARD THEY WILL REPLACE IT FOR FREE AND IT IS SO EASY. A giant sign in the metro informed me of this yesterday.
  3. Visa—You need this to get a person number. I found this out my second hour long visit to the godforsaken skatteverket. What is that you might be wondering? It is the tax office aka briefly my second home. I have spent some quality time there, only to locate the bathroom my very last time. PRO TIP(S)! If you walk up the stairs it’s on the right, it is only lit by a blue light. Don’t be alarmed. Additionally, bring a book. Not to the bathroom…to the office itself. They go by a take a number queue system à la Sverige typique!
  4. Filmhuset card—I happen to live in extremely close proximity to the film school which is freaking sweet to say the least. My first weeks sans internet this was a LIFE SAVER! You do need a person number to get this card of course. Just so you know. You are not a person until you have a number so don’t even try to exist without one! Read the above (number 3), get yourself a book and go get a person number. Then you can have fun things like library cards and dignity! Neato, right? Insert thumbs up emoji here. They have a ton of great movies and books to check out, plus it’s such a cool place filled with people way cooler than me and probably you. Is coolness absorbable? Like osmosis? Science?
  5. Gym card—As of this week there were some weather shifts that indicated to me that I could not go without a gym card for the foreseeable future. I will not be able to maintain my sanity without being able to direct my angst through running or some sort of physical outlet. There is a Friskis och Svettis around the corner from me. They had me at the name (frisky and sweaty) once I understood it wasn’t a strip club—though considering my lengthy history (one time) with such establishments I was admittedly the teensiest bit disappointed. The question of today is do strip clubs exist in Sweden? I have yet to see one. Anyway this gym is awesome and most importantly super cheap, with an encouraging lack of creeps.
  6. Library card—There are so many libraries in Stockholm, each one cooler than the next and filled with killer books. Today, for instance I intended to merely return some movies and instead left with THREE books. Where l will find the time to read all these with my busy schedule of illegally watching Downton Abbey online (thanks em!) and Gilmore Girls on Netflix in about a month, I do not know but I will try. You can renew things online, which is awesome and 100 percent usual for the 21st century so I shouldn’t be surprised but I still am. They also have wifi! After so long without internet in my own home..one whole month how did I SURVIVE?!..I appreciate the beauty of some free wifi. I am still in recovery from my month as a wifi stealing whore. I am attending meetings and working on my addiction.

Not pictured: Spare SEK coins to give to Romanian beggars like the sucker I am, many receipts that I hoard for some reason. SO MANY RECEIPTS, I have a problem. It has come to my attention from the attempts to write the words twice in two sentences that I spell “receipts” wrong. Now I can’t stop thinking about it.


One response to “What’s in my wallet, the Stockholm essentials

  1. williamcfoster

    I wish I needed one of those Filmhuset cards.

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